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Summer Term 2016

Our school-wide theme for this term is “Rio”. As a  year group, we have decided that our big question will be “What on Earth is Happening in South America?” Throughout the term, we will be looking at the physical makeup of South America, including volcanoes and rainforests, and the history and culture of the Amazon. Below is our Curriculum plan for this term, so you will know exactly what we plan to cover.

Rainforest MTP Summer2016

This week in 3C… 4th March

Since half-term, 3C have been working extremely hard. Miss Chadwick is very proud of how our work has improved!

Our Word of the Week was “vicious”. These are three of the best sentences we wrote including our Word of the Week:

Vicious Vikings attacked the monastery at Lindisfarne (Aaliyah)

Vicious can mean scary and cruel (Emily)

Some bulldogs get vicious when they are ready to attack (Roseda)


These are some of the new things we have learned this week:

Aaliyah – How to do tricky Fact Families that involve multiplication and division.

Jessica – I have been practicing my 9 times tables.

Kashan and Summer – Some of the features of poetry include rhyme, alliteration and repetition.

Emily – What forces can do.

Bella – What push and pull mean.

Oliver – What friction is and what it does.

Faith and Bailey – That you can sing a poem! We thought you could only read them!

Sophie  – That it is Mothers Day this Sunday!

…We hope all of our mums have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!

Welcome to all creatures great and small!

In 3C, we have had a very busy start to the school year! We have all settled in well to our new class, and are enjoying this term’s topic “Why do people explore?”

We said goodbye to some good friends, Lucy and Bobby, before the new term started, but we have also welcomed a new one! Welcome Ellie-Mai to Buckingham and 3C!

There have been some other visitors in our classroom recently too. Luke Campbell popped in to say hello and have his picture taken with us! And last week, Caz from ZooLab brought some unusual animals to visit. We met a tarantula, a scorpion, a millipede, a corn snake, a Madagascan hedgehog called Milo and a cheeky little rat named Blue! Miss Chadwick wasn’t as brave as the rest of the class, and had to leave the classroom when the creepy-crawly things were out!